JeNnu plus ultrasonic infuser: review

Ultrasonic devices
One of the first questions for beginning cosmetologists is how to choose the right equipment.
Under the concept of such a device in cosmetology, usually refers to either a scraber or phonophoresis.
These two functions can be combined in the device 2 in 1. The most rational solution is to buy such a device.

Ultrasound for face
In this section you will find:
– portable ultrasound
– ultrasonic professional apparatus
– knots:
– scrubber and ultrasound therapy
– Scrubber and galvanic bonds
– Facial and body apparatus in combination with other functions, such as microcurrents, microdermabrasion, lifting, vacuum, darsonval, brush etc.
– Skrabers for superficial and deep skin peeling, skin preparation for subsequent cosmetology procedures, therapy jenu plus ultrasonic infuser reviews.
Apparatus for ultrasound therapy for the deep introduction of active cosmetic products into the dermis.
– Peeling (deep cleansing of the skin)
– Smoothing wrinkles
– Phonophoresis (carrying out of substances)
– Depigmentation / Whitening
– Micro-massage at the cellular level
– Lifting
– Warming tissues.

Face cleaning
Is a highly effective, safe and painless method of skin cleansing and therapy. This procedure with therapy allows you to remove black dots, narrow pores, align the skin’s relief. This is not traumatic, after the procedure the skin looks fresh and clean, without swelling and hyperemia.
Such a device with the help of a scapula allows for three types of procedures. The main function is cleaning the face, secondary – peeling and micromassage of the skin.
Such apparatus allows us to carry out the procedure for the introduction of active substances into the dermis layers.
Use it for maximum effect is recommended after the cleaning procedure.
The effect that the ultrasonic cleaning apparatus offers:
– removal of black dots;
– narrowing of pores;
– leveling of the skin relief;
– improvement and normalization of complexion;
– Lifting – lifting the skin;
– introduction of drugs;
– depigmentation;
– Micromassage and lymphatic drainage of the skin.

Each cosmetologist uses a couch or a massage table.

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