Grand National 2018

The world famous Grand National races take place every year at the Aintree racetrack in England. The nature of the race is similar to the jumps with obstacles Steeplechase at a distance of 7242 meters. Races pass through thirty fence barriers in two circles. Forty participants compete for the Grand National Cup, the events are held in three stages lasting three days. The prize fund is about 975 thousand dollars.

Grand National

The prize is given to the owner of the winning horse. The distance of the race is a large one, which is a track with complex obstacles. During the Grand National race, cases with falls and serious consequences are not uncommon, even tragedies occurred at the beginning of unsuccessful starts. You`ll also find lots of information on tips grand national 2018. The beginning of the first races is dated 1839-th year. Today, the Grand National race is broadcast on many famous TV channels. The English and the guests of the tournament follow the process of horse racing with attention.

The modern Grand National tournament is a perfectly organized social event, in which an international horse committee was established. In general, the match is held today in a fairly organized manner, the race area has more than 3,700 square meters. To participate in such a prestigious competition, a serious selection of premium horses is conducted. At the Grand National races for his history of existence, many stars of equestrian sport appeared.

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